Destinations & Itineraries

The Ionian Sea on Greece’s west coast is blessed with long summers, crystal waters, safe harbors and many picturesque villages. That is why we have thousands of sailors visit each year. You may contact us to plan your next amazing adventure in the Ionian Islands! Let us gather all the important info and schedule your trip!



  • Lefkas town
  • Nidri
  • Sivota: Beautiful village/scenery, nice restaurants.
  • Vathia vali for swimming


  • Spilia
  • Vathi or on anchor in one of the numerous bays of the islands. Really beautiful island, maybe the most popular among the islands for sailors


  • Fiscardo is crowded, famous and really picturesque.
  • Sami: nearby is situated Mellisani’s Lake cave which is an amazing place . If you go to the lakecave try to be there from 12 until 15.00.Everything looks nicer in the cave with the sun in the highest point.
  • Agia Efimia & Poros: Pretty much the same concept in both places. Small peace-full villages with nice scenery.

On the east side of Kefalonia from Fiscardo to Poros you will find many beaches to swim.


The two ports that worth a visit is Vathi (main port & capital) and Kioni.

  • Vathi: Entering in the port of vathi is really nice. You will enjoy nice Greek traditional food and fresh fish.
  • Kioni is a small fishing village which is really beautiful & bit crowded. Finding a place will not be easy. You have to be there early.
  • All the east side from Vathi up to the southern part of the island is great for swimming.
  • Gidaki for swimming


  • Town of Zakynthos: big port with all amenities.
  • Shipwreck beach: Beautiful scenic, sometimes difficult to approach because of swell waves and too many visitors/boats.

Kalamos (port or Porto Leone (on anchor) ) & Kastos

These are two remote islands with not more than 40-50 local people. Popular for sailors but still unspoiled from tourism. Perfect bays & beaches for swimming and the best natural beauty that you can find in the south ionian islands.



DAY 1: Embarkation Lefkas marina, Meganisi (Vathi or Spilia)

DAY 2: Kalamos or kastos (you could make a stop at Atokos for swimming)

DAY 3: Day on anchor

DAY 4: Ithaca(Vathi) of Kefalonia (Sami or Fiscardo)

DAY 5: Kefalonia (Fiscardo)

DAY 6: Sivota of Lefkas

DAY 7: Disembarkation Lefkas Marina


DAY 1: Embarkation Lefkas marina

DAY 2: Meganisi (Vathi)

DAY 3: Ithaca (Vathi)

DAY 4: Kefalonia (Fiscardo)

DAY 5:  Lefkas (Vasiliki)

DAY 6: Lefkas (Nidri)

DAY 7: Disembarkation Lefkas Marina


DAY 1: Embarkation Lefkas marina

DAY 2: Meganisi (port Spilia)

DAY 3: Kefalonia (Fiskardo)

DAY 4: Ithaki (Kioni)

DAY 5: Ithaki (Atokos)

DAY 6: Kastos

DAY 7: Kalamos

DAY 8: Kefalonia (Agia Eufumia)

DAY 9: Zakynthos (Skinari)

DAY 10: Zakynthos

DAY 11: Kefalonia (Poros)

DAY 12: Ithaki (Vathy)

DAY 13: Meganisi (Atherinos)

DAY 14: Disembarkation Lefkas Marina