Flotilla holidays offer an informal, relaxed and unique experience for families, couples and groups.

If you like the idea of sailing, having the opportunity to meet up with other crews in the evening, finding a lead crew on the quay at your reserved space, waiting to catch your lines as well as providing a wealth of local knowledge and support, then flotilla is definitely for you. The same applies if you are a relatively new skipper still building on your experience and confidence, where the advice and guidance of the flotilla lead crew is invaluable.

A flotilla can certainly be very sociable, which can especially appeal to families with children during school holidays, or couples who enjoy some like-minded company at dinner ashore. Often new friendships are made which endure long after the end of the holiday, whilst some of the activities the lead crew organize can be great fun, as well as ensuring your children make new friends and get the most from their holiday.

However, for us, one of the most important advantages of booking a flotilla is the local knowledge and support of the lead crew. Cruising in unfamiliar waters in a foreign country can be stressful, research can help, but websites and guidebooks can quickly become out of date. Taking some of the guesswork out of the equation will ensure you go to all the best places and experience the very best the area has to offer.

Should you have any difficulties like fouling your anchor or other technical issue the lead crew will be on hand to advise or will do their utmost to come to your assistance as quickly as possible. Most issues are solved on the spot quickly, ensuring minimum disruption to your holiday.

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