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In case you need hotel accommodation, we suggest a couple of hotels which are located in and near to marina.

Ianos Hotel: Lefkas marina,Tel: +302645022217 Fax: +30 2645022307



How to reach Lefkas:

• Lefkas island does not have airport, the nearest is the airport of Preveza (Aktio airport) and is located 18 km from our base.

• You may also reach Lefkas island from Italy by ferry to Igoumenitsa.

• By Taxi: You can find easily taxis at Aktio airport and at the port of Igoumenitsa.

• Transfers: We could arrange a transfer for you by mini bus or by taxi (upon request)

• By bus from Athens: There are 4 buses daily for Lefkas island. The trip lasts aprox 6 hours.



  • In the marina you can find a mini market.
  • There are also bigger supermarkets outside of the marina. Supermarket opening hours: Monday—Saturday: 08:00 am — 21:00 pm both supermarkets, Sunday: 08:00 am — 21:00 pm (the one in the marina)
  • Parking Area: Car parking for the guests can be arranged under the instructions of the marina management. You may park your cars only at the designated parking areas. Parking of cars on the quayside is not allowed. The marina is not responsible for the loss or theft of items from the vehicles.
  • Bank Transactions: In Lefkas town (near our base) you can find several banks.Opening hours 08:00 – 13:30 Monday – Friday and they all provide ATMs.
  • Fuel: Upon delivery of the boat, the fuel tanks will be full.
  • Electricity: The piers in Lefkas marina are equipped with 220V.
  • Restaurants/Cafe/Bars: There is a variety of restaurants, bars and café around Lefkas marina. Bars, cafe and restaurants can also be found in the marina.
  • There is also a kinder garden.